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I am the Developer Resource Manager bringing to you my own version of how to sell your ideas if you have any questions please message me on this page.

A little about me I’m Armand Wilson. Got my B.S. at North Carolina Central University in Business. Undergraduate studies in Psychology where I trained in the cognitive test studies. I actually work from home now. I am a full-time Forex Trader. I have actually changed my profession almost completely doing this. Forex Trading is the biggest Company in the world. A 1 Trillion Dollar a day Industry, Which is Day Trading. I have taught myself how to trade the Forex Markets. It took me 7 months but I did it. Unlike most people I was a exceptional learner. That was so many years ago. I learned I suffered and I started to make Money. This is how I did it. I had $400 to my name. I started with making $10 dollar trades which brought me $7 dollars. My first withdraw was $230 bucks into my bank account. I was so amazed that this could really be a real job. Well it is very real. I make $350 - $400 a day now and got me a programmer too who programs indicator ideas along with my own programming skills that are unlike any around in the Forex Game.

I am so thankful that over the last 2 years I have made 56 new clients that are successfully making it in the online internet Careers. If you are looking for an ideal way to make an income you should know that study makes perfect, and whatever you decide you will need to practice and become great at what you are able to do. The skills are in us all, you need to push through all the work that we don’t want to do, but if we do it with skill and time, and action, the job always get done!
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