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I am an experienced and educated Administrative Assistant. I have worked in many different areas including the medical field as a phlebotomist, a medical secretary and surgery scheduler for a group of 6 Urologist's, and most recently I worked for two very knowledgeable and highly respected Circuit Court Judges (both retired, one was recognized as the longest sitting Judge in the Michigan Circuit Court) as a Judicial Assignment Clerk. I have experience in Criminal, some civil, and Family Law. I can draft and prepare any type of court order, brief, complaint, memo, professional letter, summons, petition, etc. I have knowledge of the Legal/Courts in Michigan, and am a notary public as recognized by the State of Michigan. I have a lot of experience with Juvenile Court, Personal Protection Orders, Domestic Relations, Divorce, Child Custody/Support, Abuse and Neglect proceedings, and Motions.
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