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I am a practiced,ardent and tech-savvy web designer/developer and business analyst with 5 years of experience focused on utilizing streamlined processes to design and create a website that meets and hopefully even exceeds your expectations.When creating a UI/UX i pay much attention to detail in whatever i am doing.I possess advanced experience with strong command on photoshop,illustrator,jquery,bootstrap and Html5.
Creating unique layouts using design principles such as color, typography, and photographic selection. Interpreting client direction into tangible and compelling experiences.
Very recently, I have engaged in multiple enterprise-level business web solutions,and my role was the web UX/UI Design & Front-end Developer, web application, and execution of creative concepts for clients.
As a graphics and web designer,i have multitude of experience in the field of corporate identity,print media and website design.I connect abstraction to design. All clients i have serviced so far told me that their websites or other things i designed had surpassed what they were hoping for.
Country: India
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