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Native Italian speaker

3+ years of translating experience (from/to Italian, English and Spanish).

I have translated documentation for companies, translation agencies and organizations (such as marketing documents, legal agreements, annual reports, web contents, press releases, articles, transcriptions, biographies’ staff and letters), for privates (official documentation such as affidavits, depositions, general powers of attorney, police reports and certifications, deeds of disinheritance, resident permits, Identity Documents, membership cards to a student organization) and as Founder of ITALY – REFUGEE CRISIS DATABASE for its members (such as reports, FAQs, information documents, newspaper articles, law decrees, laws and dictionaries).

I can create a natural sounding translation that reads well in the target language while reflecting the core message and tone of the source. I also spend some time to get acquainted with unfamiliar topics, both in my native language and other languages. This helps me to understand better the kind of industry, the kind of language used and hence meeting the client’s requirements. Taking some time to learn on the topic, whatever it is, helps me to provide a better quality work that it is not limited to a mere translation work.

I am able to translate from basic French, Portuguese and Romanian too and I'm willing to translate whatever document you need, including challenging myself with new translating experiences.


3+ years of content writing experience (in English and Italian).

In relation to my main specialty, that is, Immigration and Asylum, I have created social media content for over 344.648 words in English and Italian, mostly through easily downloadable files (such as information documents, data-sheets, reports, descriptions, FAQs, databases, guides to territorial services, simplified concepts to understand legal language and dictionaries) as Founder of ITALY – REFUGEE CRISIS DATABASE.

Additionally, I have written an article in English language about outdoor sport activities for a Romanian NGO and I have academic writing experience in Italian language with regard to immigration, social sciences and international relations in general.

Digital competence: both independent and proficient user depending on the tool.

BA in Social Sciences for Cooperation and Development to Peace

MA in Governance and the Global System (International Relations)


I guarantee accurate work, professional attitude, confidentiality and deadline commitment.
Working availability: all week (including on weekends and public holidays)

Open to evaluate all offers.
Feel free to contact me anytime.
Country: Italy
member since: Apr 13, 2019
Level: 1
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