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I'm Naama an extremely skilled witch & i run together with my family a powerful coven ,my grandmother Olga is a powerful witch with Romanian roots & knowledge in Gypsy Magic & Vampire Magic,my mom Maria A black witch & a very skilled & well known necromancer that can speak with the spirits of dead ,my sister Natalya a very well educated witch at black arts & expert in hoodoo,voodoo& ceremonial magic&her husband Aziz a Wizard from Egypt from a very strong occult family expert in Arabian ceremonial magic & very skilled summoner of Djinns , pharaohs Arabian God & Goddesses , Shaitans& all the spirits affortable in the occult art , ! also in my coven we have many skilled assistants from all kinds of occult doctrines like wicca, ancient witchcraft. masonic witchcraft,Kabbalah,mediums & summoners ,luciferian witches &Satanists theistic & Laveyan so be sure all my spells are guarantee to work&if u think that u have a dangerous for other casters dark desire please don't hesitate to ask me help u manifest it ! nothing is impossible for my coven& al though we also use white magic our special dish is revenge & black magic so nothing is too evil as a thought to help u manifest :-) ps ! im also expert and ready to talk with you about any sexual dark desire or taboos you may have !
Country: United States of America
member since: Jan 6, 2017
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