About Us


Since July of 2012, we’ve had one thing on our mind: talent. We know the world is full of great talent that is for the most part underused. That’s why we created Damongo. At Damongo, you're able to provide a micro job service at an affordable price to our buyers.  Do what you love for someone that needs it. We figure it doesn’t get much better than that. Cut out all the expensive overhead and costs of marketing and running a business. List for free and show the world what you’ve got.

Go ahead. Give it a try - today.

We are located in San Jose, CA.  Located in the heart of Silicon Valley!

Shine on!




We wanted to unleash the talents and unique skills of individuals worldwide by connecting both Buyers and Sellers. We wanted all to be free from heavy traffic or stressful office hours. We wanted to give everyone enough time with their family while working at the comfort of your home, no need to work abroad, and save gas!




Our vision is to create opportunity for everyone worldwide to achieve their dream job by giving this free platform for all freelancers to work from home.




Trust is the foundation in all we do

Respect both sellers and buyers

Unique strategies to build freelancers and clients community

Secure safety on using our platform

Transparency on all times