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About This Course:
The Image and Style Industry is one of the booming industries of recent times. Today the demand for quality image consultants has risen to a new high as new markets have emerged. As an image consultant, you can give people advice that will help them achieve what they want – whether it is to get a new job, to make a good impression, or simply to feel good about themselves.
Image Consulting has been broadened from makeover to body language, etiquette expert, interview skills, personal branding, communication skills and many more.
By the end of the course you will be able to develop one on one consultation, conduct seminars and workshops on image consulting, plan professional shopping, train corporate executives in business etiquette.
Course Objective:
Our course will train you in all aspects of technical, professional, knowledge that will differentiate you as a qualified Image Consultant, which can help you to pursue your career as a fashion stylist, colour analyst, a fashion house representative and you can also start your individual business as an Image Consultant.
• Advanced Image Consulting Training will put you in a pilot’s seat to success in this field.
Course Benefits:
• By the end of the course you will be able to develop one on one consultation, conduct seminars and workshops on image consulting, plan professional shopping, train corporate executives in business etiquette.
• Advanced Image Consulting Training Course has been created to allow you to complete it without any teaching assistance.
• You can work full time or combine your image work with existing job
• Image Consulting is an interesting and creative career option where you can show your eye for detail. Plus, it is glamorous too.
• Choose when you work and who you work with
• Increase chance of getting hired with a sense of achievement and confidence
• Take your skills anywhere in the World
• Become a recognized skill professional
• Course content created by industry experts
1. Personal Image Management 
2. Importance of First Impression 
3. Image Consultants Tasks 
4. Developing your Personal Brand 
5. Effective Communication Skills 
6. Creating Good Rapport 
7. Establishing a Good Relationship with your client 
8. How clothes can boost your confidence 
9. How to identify your client’s personality 
10. Know your Personal Style 
11. Considering body Scale when wearing accessories 
12. Earrings as per Face Shape 
13. Face Shape Analysis 
14. Eyebrows as per Face Shape 
15. Grooming Standards for Men and Women 
16. Make up Application and Theory 
17. Hair Care 
18. Skin Care 
19. Theories of Fashion 
20. Fashion Accessory Styling 
21. How to match Jewellery with your Makeup 
22. Understanding Different Styles 
23. Bag Styles 
24. Men’s Pant Styles 
25. Show Guide 
26. Women’s Coats as per Body Shape 
27. Women Skirt Guide 
28. Wardrobe Evaluation 
29. Personal Shopper 
30. Dining Etiquette 
31. Advanced Colour Styling Training 
32. How to build your clientele 
33. Leadership Skills 
34. Public Speaking and Presentation Skills 
35. Listening Skills 
36. Relationship Management 
37. Stress Management 
38. Team Building 
39. Time Management 
40. Cross Cultural Management
41. Essentials of Business Etiquette
42. Advanced Business Training
Who Should Enrol?
• Individuals looking for a career in Image Consulting
• Students, Housewives, working professionals can enrol for this course
• You should have an eye for detail
1. What does an image consultant do?
As an image consultant you will assess, evaluate and make recommendations to your clients to help them project the image that they want in their personal and professional lives.
2. Where do image consultants work?
Image consultants can run their businesses in various ways. If you prefer more personal one-on-one interaction with others you may want to work with individuals or couples. In this case you would likely visit clients in their home and work from your office.
Some image consultants are employed by image consulting firm’s others are self-employed. If you prefer public speaking and teaching, you may want to consider starting an image consulting seminar business, conducting seminars in corporates, hotels etc., where you will instruct groups such as corporations or private groups on issues relating to color, hair and clothing choices.
3. Who makes a good image consultant?
You must be able to speak effectively, persuasively and confidently with your clients and prospective clients. a good image consultant needs to be organized, energetic and willing to network. Image consulting is a people business.
4. What kind of certification will I get from you?
A authorised certificate will delivered to your Inbox once you successfully complete the course. This will have the Presence Institute of Image Consulting logo and this will give great value in your career.
5. What should be the pre-requisite knowledge required for this course?
You need to be very creative with an eye for fashion.

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