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Voice artist needed We need a voice artist who can record the short audio reel (about 40 words) according to our script.
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3 days $15.00
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I am seeking for 12 game designers who meet the criteria below: Participants must have at least one year experience in game design. • Participants must hold a degree or certificate in computer science, game design, computer engineering, or any other discipline related to game design. • Participants must be located in the United States. • Participants must have experience in computer game security.
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15 days $100.00
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I need a person who will be Responsible for Projects management and prepare financial reports to determine or maintain the record of assets, liabilities, profit and loss, tax liability, or other financial activities within the project.
2 Offers
7 days $400.00
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hi looking forward for company site approval into other add companies , requesting to get 5 up to 10 links form 5 upto 10 advertising companies , type of adds looking for First priority direct link include cpm , cpa and cpv cond just ecpm link just cpv just cpa from each company Thanks in anticipation and looking forward to hear bk from you
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3 days $25.00
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ECOMMERCE SITE DEVELOPMENT Looking for an E-Commerce Specialist to be responsible for analyzing e-commerce business data including POS, shipments, and key customer-specific metrics to identify actionable steps and new business processes to grow Jasco’s business in the e-commerce channel on various partner platforms.
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1 days $100.00
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